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By | August 2, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-Y38
Exam Name: Deploying HP Enterprise Wireless Networks

Two years ago, you designed and implemented a very large 802.11g WLAN in a convention center. You recently upgraded to an 802.11n network, and the customer is complaining that wireless clients are only achieving maximum data rates of 54 Mbps. Upon investigation, you notice that the administrator configured a wireless service with WPA and TKIP. What should the customer do?

A.    upgrade their software
B.    implement WPA2 with AES
C.    configure the service for 802.11n only clients
D.    implement WPA with AES

Answer: B

You must design a customer network that will use multiple wireless access controllers. The customer wants the most cost-effective redundancy solution. Which option meets this requirement?

A.    N+1
B.    redundant power
C.    dual management cards
D.    N+N+1
E.    clustered controllers

Answer: A

A customer installed two HP A-WX5004 controllers and 200 HP A-WA2620E-AGN access points (APs), which are attached to existing 802.3af PoE switches. The APs are configured to use the 40MHz channel option that should provide 300Mbits. The 802.11n clients are not achieving the expected data rate. Upon further investigation, you discover that the APs are defaulting to 2X2 MIMO. To achieve full speed you configure the radio for 3X3 MIMO, but the radio reverts back to 2X2 MIMO. What else could cause this problem?

A.    disabled Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK)
B.    incorrectly set AP spatial streams
C.    low PoE power
D.    faulty antenna connections
E.    setting Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) to 3X3

Answer: C

Drag and Drop question
Click the Task button. You are redesigning an existing WLAN and one issue the customer is addressing is unauthorized wireless devices on the network. You recommend implementing the 802.1x authentication solution to remedy this problem. 802.1X authentication comprises three components: supplicant, authenticator and the authentication server. In enterprise environments, all three components are implemented on different devices. Align the devices in the image with the roles of the components.



Click the Exhibit button. Users at this customer site report that wireless connection speeds are slow. You conduct a site survey that yields the results shown in the exhibit. What can you determine from these results?


A.    Signal strength is low in some areas. AP power must be increased.
B.    An obstacle is causing hidden nodes. Another AP should be deployed beyond that obstacle, and the
power decreased on both APs.
C.    Signal is being lost in a specific area. The APs need directional antennaes to shape the signal.
D.    The APs are operating on 802.11b/g channels, which typically experience a lot of interference.
You should change to a different channel and frequency band.

Answer: B

You are deploying an HP Mobility Solution that features access controllers (ACs) and access points (APs), which enforce 802.1X authentication to a Windows Server 2008 running Network Policy and Access Services (NPAS). NPAS assigns users to various VLANs according to their user group and network policy. When you test the deployment, you find that all users can authenticate successfully except those in one Windows domain user group. These users receive messages that windows was unable to connect authenticate successfully except those in one Windows domain user group. These users receive messages that windows was unable to connect and their authentication has failed. What is a possible cause of this problem?

A.    The ACs have the wrong RADIUS shared secret stored in the server.
B.    The Windows client settings are not configured to support VLAN user groups.
C.    The NPAS remote access policy for the user group does not permit wireless access.
D.    The APs in the users?locations are not configured for 802.1X authentication using NPAS.
E.    The ACs do not support the VLAN to which these users are assigned.

Answer: C

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