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By | July 21, 2014

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6006
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation Exam

RFA used for CM 5.2x and earlier license and /or authentication file delivery. The license files are used to activate software including features, capabilities, releases, and offer categories.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

A.    A new license file is not needed when upgrading from release 4.0 to release 5.2x
B.    An update license only requires a RFA System ID (SID) of the existing server
C.    Each new license will require a SAP order number, the serial number of the reference IPSI, or the gateway.
D.    Server serial number is used in RFA to validate new 502x license files.

Answer: BC

On which three Avaya Servers can the Communication Manager Messaging application be installed? (Choose three)

A.    S8300
B.    S8510
C.    S8730
D.    S8800 Simplex
E.    S8720

Answer: ABD

A media gateway G430 has been configured with an Avaya server S8300 acting as internal call Controller. Gateway and server are assigned to VLAN 12.
Which gateway command must be used to add the internal Call Controller to VLAN 12?

A.    “interface vlan 12”, then “icc-vlan”
B.    Icc-vlan 12
C.    Set vlan server 12, then “icc-vlan”
D.    Setdefault-vlan 12

Answer: A

A user would like to seea list of number of registered IP end points with TCP signaling sockets established for each CLAN or processor Ethernet.
Which command would be used?

A.    Status clan-ip location
B.    List ip interface clan
C.    List measurable clan sockets
D.    Status socket-usage

Answer: D

Commercial AC is the primary input power source to the 655 a power supply of the G650.
What are two nominal ranges for AC power? (Choose two)

A.    100-120 VAC at 50 or 60Hz
B.    200-250 VAC at 40 or 50Hz
C.    100-130 VAC at 40 or 50Hz
D.    200-240 VAC at 50 or 60Hz

Answer: AD

After the installation is complete several users are complaining that they cannot dial an external number. The trunks have been verified to be in service.
Which could cause this problem?

A.    The COR is outwardrestricted.
B.    Trunk-to-trunktransfer has been turned off.
C.    Call activation in COS is set to “NO”
D.    The phones have not been assigned console permission.

Answer: A

If the Ethernet switch in the Avaya IP telephony system supports spanning tree and port fast features, which two should be configured on Ethernet ports that are connected to IP phones? (Choose two)

A.    Enable port fast
B.    Disable port fast
C.    Enable port spanning tree
D.    Disable port spanningtree

Answer: AD

Which two statements about S87xx Software Duplication and Hardware Duplication are true?
(Choose two)

A.    In the hardware duplication mode, the server’s memory data is processedby the DAL 1 or DAL2 card.
B.    The software duplication feature provides memory synchronization between the active and standby servers without the need for DAL cards or the limitation off iber-optic cabling.
C.    The software duplication feature is the only option available for the S8730 Servers.
D.    The duplication mode,hardware or software,is controlled by the S87xx Servers license

Answer: AB

Which command is used to tell at what time a spontaneous inter change has taken place?

A.    List usage
B.    Status health
C.    Display initcause
D.    List history

Answer: C

Which gateway command resets the Gateway back to factory default?

A.    Reset
B.    Restart
C.    Softboot
D.    Nvram init

Answer: D

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