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By | July 31, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-J63
Exam Name: Designing HP Backup Solutions

Case Study (QUESTION 1 – QUESTION 7)
An enterprise customer has its main office in New York and branch offices in Dublin and London.TheVPN connectivity between each of the offices. The characteristics of each office arc described in the following table.

A cloud-based backup solution performs backups in a continuous cycle A single individual at each office is responsible to ensure that the backup jobs complete successfully.However, there are no automated reports or verification of successful backups each day.
You need to design a new backup strategy that meets the following customer requirements:
– Data that is identified as critical data must nave physically separate backups of the originaldata.
– Non criticaldata must use a minimumamount of storage capacity.
– Each office must contain a local copy of the backup data.
– Each office must containa local copy of the backup datafrom all three offices.
– The Storage capacity for the archived data must be minimized.
– The amount of bandwidth that is used for backup jobs must beminimized.
– All backup data must be encrypted at the highest available level.
– The performance impact on thedatastoragemust be minimizedduring the backupwindow.
– The full costof the solution must becalculatedand presentedbefore implementation.

What should the customer use for non-critical backups?

A.    data deduplication
B.    snapclones
C.    remote replication
D.    snapshots

Answer: A

Which value should you include in the financial presentation to the customer?

A.    return on investment (ROI)
B.    Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model (CI-MM) stage
C.    net present value (NPV)
D.    total cost ownership (TCO)

Answer: A
Choice Questions
A small business with multiple locations is designing a new backup strategy. After performing an initial full backup, the company wants to send only incremental backups to a NAS share that tracks the incremental backups and returns the proper data during restores. When each incremental backup is made, the company plans to send it to tape and then restructure the tapes as necessary.
Which backup technique should they use?

A.    change block tracking
B.    block level incremental
C.    multilevel incremental
D.    incremental forever

Answer: D
Incrementals forever
This style is similar to the Synthetic backup concept. After an initial full backup, only the incremental backupsare sent to a centralized backup server. This server keeps track of all the incrementals and sends the properdata back to the server during restores. This can be implemented by sending each incremental directly to tapeas it is taken and then refactoring the tapes as necessary. If enough disk space is available, an online mirrorcan be maintained along with previous incremental changes so that the current or older versions of thesystems being backed up can be restored.This is a suitable method in case of banking systems.

A mid-sized company is experiencing inconsistency and unreliability when trying to protect and restore information across their multiple, remote locations. They also need to keep their critical data encrypted over the network and at their backup location. They are looking for an affordable way to address these issues while reducing their backup storage requirements?
How can HP Remote Backup Services benefit this customer?

A.    by producing a real-time copy of every transaction at every location so no data is lost
B.    by creating and managing a shared pool of resources that can be accessed on demand over the internet
C.    by recovering files or re-creating an entire data set using a file structure that mirrors the company’smachines
D.    by enabling system recovery over the network within hours, without the need for recovery tapes

Answer: D
Our Remote Backup Services schedule automatic backups of remote servers and enable system recovery overthe network within hours, without the need for recovery tapes.

An enterprise has several remote locations with restricted access for the operators. They need a backup solutions with a maximum of 10 TB of backup per location. The data must be archived to tape daily at a central location for compliance purposes.
Which storage solution should the enterprise deploy?

A.    HP 3PAR StoreServ
B.    HP StoreAll
C.    HP StoreVirtual
D.    HP StoreOnce

Answer: D
The StoreOnce VSA is a virtual backup solution that can be configured in 1 TB increments up to its maximumcapacity of 10 TB.
For Small and remote officesStoreOnce VSA offers the lowest price performance point in the

A customer is planning an implementation of HP Data Protector. The clients will be deployed with installation servers. The customer environment includes Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems.
How many installation servers are required?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    3

Answer: B
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