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By | August 14, 2014

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-238
Exam Name: Oracle E-Business Suite R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications

Which three are the correct definitions of the objects in the Oracle Applications database? (Choose three.)
A.    Hybrid objects contain materialized view objects, and store and process data.
B.    Code objects contain index, PL/SQL package, and Java-stored procedure objects.
C.    Data objects contain table, index, and sequence and index-organized table objects.
D.    Hybrid objects contain PL/SQL package and Java-stored procedure, and process data objects.
E.    Code objects contain trigger, PL/SQL package, Java-stored procedure, synonym, and view objects.

Answer: ACE

The AD Administration task utility Compile APPS Schema is similar to the “Validate APPS Schema” task, except that instead of just producing a list of invalid objects, it compiles invalid objects using multiple workers in an attempt to move them back to the valid object state. This task is most often run when custom packages are moved into the APPS schema, and during the upgrade process. The “Compile APPS Schema” task can be toggled to compile all objects or just the invalid objects. Choose three correct benefits of using this task. (Choose three.)

A.    increases run-time performance in the applications
B.    corrects all corrupt schema package bodies and headers
C.    finds truly invalid objects before users get a run-time error
D.    allows new custom or patched packages to be immediately validated

Answer: ACD

Which three statements about the Applications Context file are true? (Choose three.)

A.    It is a system configuration file.
B.    It must be edited manually using a text editor.
C.    It is stored in an Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) schema.
D.    It can be downloaded from Oracle Applications Manager (OAM).
E.    It is created by Rapid Install using AutoConfig during installation and upgrade.
F.    It stores all information required to configure an Oracle Applications instance.

Answer: DEF

Choose two statements that are correct for AutoPatch running in Test Mode. (Choose two.)

A.    It Relinks any executables.
B.    It does not record patch history.
C.    It reads and validates the patch driver’s file.
D.    It generates any forms, reports, PL/SQL libraries, or menu files.
E.    It copies any files from the patch directory to the installation area.

Answer: BC

What is the version of the Java Oracle home in Oracle Applications Release 12?

A.    10.2
B.    8.1.7
C.    8.0.6
D.    10.1.3
E.    10.1.2

Answer: D

What are the two possible sequences of worker status while a job is being completed by a worker? (Choose two.)

A.    Waiting => Assigned => Running => Completed
B.    Assigned => Waiting => Running => Completed
C.    Waiting => Assigned => Running => Failed => Fixed, Restart => Restarted => Completed
D.    Assigned => Waiting => Running => Failed => Fixed, Restart => Restarted => Completed
E.    Waiting => Assigned => Running => Failed => Fixed, Restart => Restarted => Running => Completed

Answer: AC

What is contained in the FND_APPLICATION_TL table found in the Oracle Applications R12 database?

A.    table list of all Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) objects
B.    transaction-load statistics of Application Object Library usage
C.    trigger logic for all Application Object Library (AOL)-related tables
D.    language-translated information about all applications registered with Application Object Library

Answer: D

Identify the elements of a patch. (Choose all that apply.)

A.    unified driver
B.    readme files
C.    generic driver
D.    patch history files
E.    patch metadata files

Answer: ABE

You decide to bring up the database manually while cloning Oracle E-Business Suite R12. Identify the options of adcfgclone.pl that you would choose to successfully complete the clone on the database tier.

A.    adcfgclone.pl dbTechStack only
B.    adcfgclone.pl databaseTechStack only
C.    adcfgclone.pl database and adcfgclone.pl dbconfig <Target CONTEXT_NAME>.xml
D.    adcfgclone.pl dbTechStack and adcfgclone.pl dbconfig <Target CONTEXT_NAME>.xml

Answer: D

The Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) patch was applied to the test environment. The patch took a few hours to apply. The Applications DBA was assigned the task of investigating the changes made by the CU2 patch. The investigation would involve a comparison of the prepatched development environment and the patched test environment. Which tool should the Applications DBA use?

A.    Oracle Enterprise Manager
B.    Oracle Applications Manager
C.    Oracle Discoverer reporting tool
D.    Oracle Business Intelligence products
E.    SQL*Plus program to access the FND tables
F.    Oracle Applications concurrent request (System Administrator) reports

Answer: B

As an Applications DBA, you have been asked to apply a patch that updates the Applications Context file and runs AutoConfig. The application does not work properly with the new, updated application environment. What should you do to roll back an AutoConfig session?

A.    Use the restore.sh script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/out/<MMDDhhmm>.
B.    Use the restore.sh script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>.
C.    Use the rollback.sh script which is located at <APPL_TOP>/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>.
D.    Use the rollback.sh script which is located at <INST_TOP>/admin/out/<MMDDhhmm>.

Answer: A

What is the default value of <CONTEXT_NAME>?

A.    APPS_<SID>

Answer: D
Which patch establishes the compatibility of the current version of Oracle Applications with the newer version of the database or technology stack component?

A.    diagnostic
B.    translation
C.    new feature
D.    intraoperability
E.    interoperability

Answer: E

Before you apply a patch, you read the readme.txt file. One of the areas of Oracle Applications to which the patch will be applied is JAVA_TOP. The readme file mentions that you may need to generate product JAR files in the AD Administration utilities after the patch is applied. When generating product JAR files, the AD Administration utility will prompt you with the question: Do you want to force the generation of all JAR files? What are the three occasions when you need to force the generation of all JAR files? (Choose three.)

A.    after changing your digital signature
B.    after updating to a new Java version
C.    if you find you have missing or out-of-date JAR files
D.    if you are upgrading the Oracle Developer technology stack

Answer: ABD

Which command can be used only with a single-node installation?

A.    rapidwiz -restart
B.    rapidwiz -techstack
C.    rapidwiz -servername <myhost>
D.    rapidwiz -silent -config <location of config.txt>

Answer: C

A patch was applied successfully last night to the Oracle Applications environment to fix a bug. To check the bug fix, the Applications DBA accessed the “Bug Fixes Report.” There are 1,000 files displayed in the report. The intended file for the bug fix does not appear. What should the Applications DBA do next?

A.    Access the Timing report.
B.    Check readme.txt for postinstallation steps.
C.    Start the Oracle Application Manager (OAM) process.
D.    Use the filter to reduce the number of files in the report.
E.    Reapply the patch on the Oracle Applications environment.

Answer: D
Identify three valid AD utilities for Oracle E-Business Suite R12. (Choose three.)

A.    admail
B.    adjkey
C.    adident
D.    adsplice
E.    adcontrol
F.    adcfgclon
G.    adlicmgr.sh

Answer: BCD

What are the three benefits of the Oracle Applications Tablespace Model? (Choose three.)

A.    takes advantage of manual segment management
B.    simplifies maintenance and recovery by using fewer tablespaces
C.    uses locally managed tablespaces, and enables more control over unused space
D.    decreases block-packing compared to the older model, increasing the overall number of buffer gets
E.    makes best use of the restricted number of raw devices available in Real Application Clusters (RAC) and other environments

Answer: BCE

Identify four scenarios in the Oracle Applications R12 E-Business Suite environment in which you would need to run AutoConfig. (Choose four.)

A.    after relinking product libraries
B.    after restoring a previous configuration
C.    after registering products and languages
D.    after using AD Splicer to add a product to the existing stack
E.    after adding a new variable to the existing context parameters
F.    after using the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) shopping cart

Answer: BCDE

In which scenario does the Applications DBA need to run the Rapid Clone utility?

A.    There are two systems (Test and Production) for XYZ company. There are invalid objects being encountered in the Production system. The errors are not happening on the Test system. The Applications DBA plans to run the Oracle utility on the Production system to fix the invalid objects.
B.    ABC company has three systems: Development, Test, and Production. Testing of the Oracle Applications patches are being done on the Test system and being promoted to Development for further testing. After the patches are tested in the Test and Development systems without any issues, they would be promoted to the Production system. The Applications DBA plans to run the Oracle utility for the promotion of the patch.
C.    There was a hardware disk failure on the Development server. The Development system was being used to test the application patches. The POIUY company has only two systems: Development and Production. As soon as the hardware disk failure is resolved on the Development server, there is a need to rebuild that Development system. The Applications DBA plans to run the Oracle utility to rebuild the Development system.
D.    There is a need for another Oracle Applications system to test the patches to be applied on the Production system. Currently, QWERT company has five Oracle Applications systems including Production. The Production and Test systems are on Release 12.2.10 and the remaining systems are on Release 12.2.9. The Applications DBA plans to run the Oracle utility on the Test system to test the patch.

Answer: C

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