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By | July 17, 2014

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-154
Exam Name: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 ACE Exam

Which of the following is used to shorten a clip in a Timeline by speeding up its playback, or to lengthen it by slowing it down?

A.    Rate Stretch
B.    Ripple Edit
C.    Rolling Edit
D.    Razor

Answer: A

In Timebase of the General tab, which option (frames/ second) will a user choose to edit PAL (European standard) and SECAM video?

A.    29.97
B.    28
C.    25
D.    24

Answer: C

Fill in the blank with the appropriate term. ___________________is a standalone encoding application employed by programs, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Soundbooth, and Encore.
Answer: Adobe Media Encoder

Which of the following options in device control shows the number of frames to adjust the timecode embedded in the captured video?

A.    Preroll
B.    Remained frames
C.    Uncaptured roll
D.    Timecode Offset

Answer: D

Mark works as a Premiere Pro editor for company Inc. He is using time remapping. He has adjusted the speed of an instance of a clip in the Timeline. This clip contains audio also. What will be the effect on the audio of the clip while adjusting its speed by time remapping?

A.    The audio speed will be synchronized with the clip speed.
B.    The audio will not play.
C.    The audio will be locked automatically.
D.    The audio speed will remain at 100% speed.

Answer: D

Which of the following steps will you take to create a template from an open title? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.

A.    Click the triangle next to a category name to expand it.
B.    With a title open, click the Templates button.
C.    Enter a name for the title template, and then click the OK button.
D.    Click the Templates menu button. Choose Import Current Title As Template.

Answer: BCD

Which of the following tools is used to simultaneously change the In and Out points of a clip in a Timeline, while keeping the time span between them constant?

A.    Rolling Edit
B.    Ripple Edit
C.    Track Selection
D.    Slip

Answer: D

Which option of batch capturing will you choose to capture frames beyond the In and Out points identified for each clip in the batch?

A.    Batch Capture
B.    Capture panel
C.    Capture With Handles
D.    Override Capture Settings

Answer: C

Mark works as a Premiere Pro editor for company Inc. He is optimizing the scratch disk performance. Which of the following steps will Mark take if he has only one hard disk on his computer?

A.    Leave all scratch disk options at their default settings.
B.    Defragment the hard disk.
C.    Create one more drive for Premiere Pro projects.
D.    Create a separate folder for each file type of the project.

Answer: A

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