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By | August 7, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-Q06
Exam Name: Selling HP BCS Solutions

Which platform(s) support vPars v6?

A.    HPP9000
B.    HP rackmount servers
C.    HP rx 3600 and rx2660
D.    HP Integrity Blade BL860c i2, BL870c i2. and BL890c i2

Answer: D
http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c03085662/c03085662.pdf(page 7, hardware requirements)

What is Reliability?

A.    the inherent ability of a system to run error free
B.    the ability of a system to hotswap the components
C.    the ability of a system to continue to work when a single power supply fails
D.    the ability of a system to provide acceptable performance

Answer: D

Which statements are accurate comparisons between an 8-socket BL890c i2 server and an 8- socket Superdome 2 server? (Select two)

A.    Superdome 2 supports more I/O connections.
B.    Superdome 2 does not support Integrity Virtual Machines.
C.    Superdome 2 supports npars.
D.    BL980 c i2 in a C7000 fits into a standard rack chassis.
E.    BL890c i2 supports more memory.

Answer: CE

If an application outgrows its bl860ci2 server home, what is the most cost effective way to resolve the situation?

A.    Upgrade the server by buying an additional bB60ci2, a BladeLink, and an OS license
B.    Move the application to an nPar on a Superdome 2 server.
C.    Close the application and reinstall it on a new BL870c i2.
D.    Migrate the application to a rack-mounted server

Answer: A

Which statement correctly positions the new Superdome 2 Blade enclosure?

A.    It uses the c7000 enclosure design and connects to the same interconnect modules on the I/O bay side and same mezzanine cards on the blade side.
B.    It has a common midplane from c7000 and connects to the same interconnect modules on the I/O bay side and same mezzanine cards on the blade side.
C.    It has a downstairs midplane that is the same as a c7000 midplane, and it also has a unique upstairs midplane that connects processor blades to the fault-tolerant Crossbar modules
D.    It has a different midplane than the c7000 midplane that connects processor blades.

Answer: C
http://www.alphaworks.com.ar/public/SD2_to.pdf(page 5, last paragraph)

Which HP product enables the industry’s first Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure?

A.    HP Integrity server blades
B.    VMware ESXi
C.    HP Insight Manager
D.    HP Serviceguard

Answer: A

Which Superdome 2 capability ensures that transactions are tracked to successful completion?

A.    It has redundant power supply and fans delivering reliable power and cooling.
B.    It is designed with a Fault tolerant fabric with end-to-end retry
C.    It has self-healing capability in the Analysis Engine.
D.    It has an onboard administrator.

Answer: B
http://h30507.www3.hp.com/hpblogs/attachments/hpblogs/199/466/1/IDC%20whitepap er.pdf(page 8, Fault-tolerant fabric)

By how much is memory reliability improved with HP double-chip sparing technology over standard ECC memory?

A.    7 times
B.    17 times
C.    27 times
D.    37 times

Answer: B
http://www.intel.com/content/dam/doc/white-paper/mission-critical-computing-itanium-9300-ras- features-of-the-mission-critical-converged-infrastructure-paper.pdf(page 4, see figure 2)

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