IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Solution Designer

By | April 15, 2014

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2010-005
Exam Name: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Solution Design

Which two statements describe Maximo Locations? (choose two)

A.    Maximo Locations can be readily created, modified, or deleted.
B.    Maximo Locations define places where assets are operated or stored.
C.    Maximo Locations define places where a company expends resources and tracks costs.
D.    Maximo Locations are restrlcted to entities having physical and geo-spatial boundaries.
E.    Maximo Locations must contain a physical index like a postal address, a room number, or a plant
section ID .

Answer: BC

The client has outlined in the discovery phase of the project that they want to incorporate there divisions. And each has a different chart of accounts with the same GL Account Configuration. From this information, how many organization(s) should be created for the solution is required to be decided. How many organization(s) should be created?

A.    one
B.    two
C.    four
D.    three

Answer: D

What are two examples of Linear Assets? (choose two)

A.    Gas pipelines
B.    University Campus
C.    Poultry processing Plants
D.    Water Treatment Holding Ponds
E.    Electrical Power Distribution Lines

Answer: AE

What are the standard location types in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1?

A.    Operating, Holding, Vendor, Shop, and Labor
B.    Storeroom, Courier, Work, Salvage, and Holding
C.    Storeroom, Operating, Work, Salvage, and Labor
D.    Operating, Storeroom, Vendor, Holding, and Repair

Answer: D

At which data level do Contracts, Labor, and Chart of Accounts reside?

A.    Set
B.    Site
C.    System
D.    Organization

Answer: D

The customer’s legacy system has no functionality to create custom integrations. Which two options are available to migrate data from a legacy system to an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (MAM) environment? (choose two)

A.    Export data from the legacy system and import data as a database dump.
B.    Directly insert extracted data from the legacy system into the MAM database, by using SQL statements.
C.    Extract data from the legacy system into flat files and use the Maximo Migration Manager to migrate the
data into MAM.
D.    Use the data migration option in the Maximo integration Adapter, after having extracted data from the
legacy system into the comma-separated value (CSV) files.
E.    Use the data import option in the Integration Framework, after having extracted data from the legacy
system into the CSV files.

Answer: BE

What is required to create a Linear Referencing Method for a Linear Asset Record?

A.    a segment
B.    a feature
C.    an unit of measure
D.    a feature instance

Answer: C

Which three data elements are commonly interfaced to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 from an external purchasing system? (choose three)

A.    Calendars
B.    Vendor Names
C.    Organizations
D.    Order Quantities
E.    Person Information
F.    Receipt Quantities

Answer: BDF

The client requirements outline the need for advanced tracking of process measurements such as temperature, pressure, and flow. These measurement and test equiqment requirements are termined to exceed standard IBM Maximo Asset Management capabilities. Which industry solution or add-on will provide this and other features?

A.    Maximo Callbration
B.    Maximo for Service Providers
C.    Maximo Linear Assets
D.    Maximo Instruments and Controls

Answer: A

What are the standard statuses for a Maximo Asset?

A.    in service and out of service
B.    hold, operating, and decommissioned
C.    operating, out of service, and salvaged
D.    not ready, operating, and decommissioned

Answer: D

If a customer has requirements list, when is the best time to review this list with the customer and classify the requirements?

A.    at the end of the Design phase
B.    as the first task of Design phase
C.    during the process design workshops
D.    at the beginning of the Configuration phase

Answer: B

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