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By | August 15, 2013

Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Quality of Service (MSPQS): 642-785 Exam
642-785 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 642-785
Exam Name: Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Quality of Service (MSPQS)
Q & A: 95 Q&As

Refer to the exhibit. A customer’s policy profile was updated to increase the minimum bandwidth
to 256 kb/s for mission critical data, but reports indicate that the policy now has an error. What
change should be made to the policy to correct this error?
A. The bandwidth statement should read 256000.
B. Set the shape rate to a CIR that is higher than 256 kb/s.
C. Use the shape peak command instead of the shape average command.
D. Increase the maximum queue size to 128 to compensate for the mission critical data.
E. The priority command should have been used, not the bandwidth command.
Answer: B

Which two statements about IP SLA are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco IOS IP SLA is Layer 2 transport independent.
B. IOS IP SLA uses active traffic monitoring which allows users to analyze service levels for IP applications.
C. IOS IP SLA is a traffic monitoring mechanism that gathers statistics about traffic based on packet
headers and fields.
D. Cisco IOS IP SLA can be used to help detail billing information for each defined class of service.
E. IP SLA uses NBAR to provide the reporting engine for statistics that it collects.
Answer: AB

You have deployed IP SLA in your network to monitor VoIP. You want to be notified on network
delay before it affects voice quality. What threshold should be set?
A. 150 ms one-way
B. 150 ms round trip
C. 50 ms round trip
D. 250 ms one-way
E. 200 ms round trip
Answer: A

Where would you apply WRED to avoid congestion and poor QoS from oversubscription of the
A. wherever there is a potential bottleneck
B. wherever there is a potential bottleneck and most traffic is TCP
C. wherever there is a potential bottleneck and traffic is delay-intolerant
D. wherever there is a potential bottleneck and most traffic is UDP
E. wherever there is a potential bottleneck and most traffic is voice
Answer: B

Which MQC capabilities are unique to Cisco IOS XR Software?
A. classification and marking
B. congestion management
C. congestion avoidance
D. policing and shaping
E. fabric qos
Answer: E

An MPLS VPN customer reports that their DSCP markings from one CE to another CE are being
remarked by the service provider. What can cause customer packets to be remarked?
A. The MPLS VPN service provider is using Penultimate Hop Popping.
B. The service provider is using Uniform mode as the MPLS QoS tunnel mode.
C. The service provider is using the Short Pipe mode as the MPLS QoS tunnel mode.
D. The service provider is using Pipe mode as the MPLS QoS tunnel mode.
Answer: B

A customer reports that the packets from their custom TCP application, which is currently marked
as DSCP AF43, is being dropped more frequently than desired. All of the links in service provider
network are using DSCP-based WRED. What can be changed to best improve the drop rate of
the customer’s custom application without causing major problems for the other traffic classes?
A. Remove WRED on all the links.
B. Mark the custom application traffic to DSCP EF instead.
C. Mark the custom application traffic to DSCP AF41 instead.
D. Use a different queuing method for the AF43 traffic class.
E. Allocate more bandwidth to the AF43 traffic class.
Answer: C

Which Cisco IOS XR command will help troubleshoot why a policy map fails to apply on an
A. show service-policy interface tenGigE 0/0/0/0
B. show policy-map interface tenGigE 0/0/0/0
C. show policymgr qos trace all
D. show qos interface tenGigE 0/0/0/0
E. clear qos counters
Answer: C

The provider you work for supports a wide range of Cisco router models and Cisco IOS Software
releases. You are in the process of moving to a SNMP-based tool to monitor QoS configurations
and statistics. What are some of the challenges to this approach?
A. The SNMP MIB provides direct access into the QoS configuration parameters. Poor configuration
could lead to changes that are difficult to track.
B. Some models of Cisco routers do not have full support for the class-based QoS MIB, which results
in a number of elements that cannot be managed.
C. Older versions of Cisco IOS Software do not maintain index persistency, which results in significant
changes in the information that is collected unless properly configured.
D. SNMP should be used in conjunction only with Cisco IP SLA to ensure that the information gathered
is reported properly.
Answer: C

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