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By | August 1, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-P19
Exam Name: HP-UX High Availability using Serviceguard v18

Which statements are correct regarding a Serviceguard cluster with SGeRAC and Oracle RAC? (Select two.)

A.    If CFS is used then RAW devices are not allowed.
B.    Each Oracle instance must have its own unique database.
C.    SGeRAC cannot be configured together with Cluster File System (CFS).
D.    The shared disk devices can be a SLVM raw device, CFS, or Oracle ASM raw device.
E.    You can have more than one Oracle instance accessing the same database at the same time.

Answer: DE

Which application templates are included in the Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit (ECMT)? (Select four.)

A.    NFS
B.    SAP
D.    HP Tomcat
E.    HP Apache
F.    HP CIFS/9000
G.    Oracle 9i and 10g

Answer: DEFG

Following is an excerpt from a legacy package control script:
SERVICE_CMD[0]=”/etc/cmcluster/MON/ monitor” SERVICE_RESTART[0]=”-r 2″
What does the “-r 2” mean? (Select two.)

A.    The service MON_MON is restarted 2 seconds after failure.
B.    The service MON_MON is restarted 2 times before the package fails over.
C.    The monitoring script monitors its processes every 2 minutes.
D.    The monitoring script restarts the clustered application 2 times before the node fails.
E.    The package will fail over to the adoptive node if the monitoring script gets restarted more than 2 times.

Answer: BE

Which key benefits can the Distributed Systems Administration Utilities (DSAU) provide in a Serviceguard environment? (Select three.)

A.    command fan-out
B.    log file consolidation
C.    cluster configuration
D.    configuration synchronization
E.    Serviceguard cluster event notification
F.    Serviceguard shared storage configuration

Answer: ABD

Which statements are true regarding Serviceguard Manager version B.01.01, a web-based SMH (HP System Management Homepage) plug-in application? (Select three.)

A.    With Serviceguard Manager you can monitor, create, modify, run and halt a cluster.
B.    With Serviceguard Manager you can create and modify failover and multi-node packages.
C.    With Serviceguard Manager you can run a multi-node cluster which consists of both HP-UX and Linux nodes.
D.    With Serviceguard Manager you can display and configure shared storage (e.g. volume groups) for failover and multi-node packages.
E.    With Serviceguard Manager you can configure package dependencies, change package-switching and node-switching flags for failover packages.

Answer: ABE

In Serviceguard, which tasks can be done during a rolling upgrade? (Select two.)

A.    add a standby LAN
B.    migrate to new disk storage
C.    apply operating system patches
D.    reconfigure cluster volume groups
E.    upgrade to a new operating system revision

Answer: CE

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