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By | August 1, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M51
Exam Name: HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software

Which script should you run prior to upgrading NNMi to a different server, upgrading NNMi server in place, or moving NNMi from Windows 2003 to 2008?

A.    nnmibackup.ovpl
B.    ovnnmbackup.ovpl
C.    backup.ovpl
D.    nnmbackup.ovpl

Answer: D

What is a reason to load a device-specific MIB in NNMi?

A.    to allow NNMi to monitor the device
B.    to list supported MIBs
C.    to create SNMP trap definitions
D.    to create an MIB expression

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
Click the Task button. Match the NNMi Security Configuration control to its function.



What does Automated Network Management enable IT organizations to do? (Select two.)

A.    detect suspect behavior (warning events)
B.    reduce workload on Tier 1 Agents by automatically creating and escalating incidents to Tier 2
C.    monitor network, systems, and applications that jointly provide a Unified Communications (UC) experience
to the users
D.    increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
E.    reduce mean time to change network configurations

Answer: DE

How does the HP NNMi-HPOM integration forward NNMi management events to an HP Operations agent with agent implementation?

A.    using SNMPv2c traps to send the event to the agent and then forward to the HPOM server
B.    using Web-service HPOM Agent to comm. with HPOM
C.    using logfile policy to send the event to the agent and then forward to the HPOM server
D.    using opcmsg API to send the event to the agent and then forward to the HPOM server

Answer: A

How do you manage NNMi licensing?

A.    Edit license.config and enter the license key.
B.    Use the nnmlicense.ovpl command line.
C.    Use nnmsrv.ovpl -license -install -f <license_file>.
D.    Use ovlicense.ovpl -f <license_file>.

Answer: B

Which command should you use to recreate the NNMi database if using the embedded database?

A.    nnmcreatedb.ovpl
B.    nnmdb.ovpl -init
C.    nnmresetembdb.ovpl
D.    ovdb.ovpl -init

Answer: C

Which process controls the NNMi embedded database, including periodic database connectivity testing?

A.    nnm_db
B.    pmd
C.    ovjboss
D.    nmsdbmgr

Answer: D

Which account can you use to gain administrative control if the administrator account has been deleted?

A.    system
B.    guest
C.    root
D.    user

Answer: A

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