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By | August 15, 2014

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-451
Exam Name: Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner

What is true when implementing human reactions that are part of composite applications using the human task component in SOA 11g?
A.    The human task configuration is stored in the “task” metadata file.
B.    The human task service uses an identity directory, such as LDAP, to determine people rules and privileges.
C.    The human task service engine executes all the human task components in SOA composite application.
D.    The human task is not available in standalone mode is always associated with BPEL process service component.
E.    The wordlist application can also be used to change the human task configuration.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of Oracle BPEl process manager dehydration store?

A.    The dehydration store is used to save all state information in a database to avoid showing down the system due to too much IO.
B.    The dehydration store is used to store the process state for long-running process which will allocate memory to be given back to the system and will not consume resources while waiting.
C.    The dehydration store is good way to preserve long running processes, and it prevents any location of state or reliability if a system shut down.
D.    None of the above.

Answer: C

Identify the correct order in which the fault management framework attempts to identify a fault policy binding? BPEL process or Oracle mediator service component defined in the composite xml file. SOA composite application defined in the composite XML file. Reference binding component defined in the composite XML file.

A.    1, 2, 3
B.    3, 1, 2
C.    3, 2, 1
D.    1, 3, 2

Answer: B

Oracle SOA suite 11g configured with the _________ application that enables the composite application components to send application.

A.    Workload
B.    User messaging service
C.    Worklist
D.    Workflow

Answer: B

Which three components can be used to configure a human task?

A.    Task management service.
B.    Task routing service.
C.    Data service.
D.    Identity service.
E.    Security service

Answer: ABD

For business rules, a rules dictionary contains one or more definitions of: facts; constraints; functions; rule sets. Identify the correct statement that defines the facts.

A.    Has a collection of facts type, global variables constants function and rulesets.
B.    Are declared as: “if condition than action”.
C.    Have an action: assign, assert, call function (or java method)
D.    Are data or business objects on which the rule engine evaluates the rule condition?

Answer: D

Using the Oracle BPM worklist application, a user can do which three things.

A.    Perform authorized actions on tasks.
B.    Create personal tasks.
C.    Define delegation rules.
D.    Define user groups.
E.    Define task routing policy.

Answer: ABC

Two types of services with transactional behavior that can be implemented in Oracle database adapters and ____________ .

A.    File adapters.
B.    Service data objects.
C.    SOAP Endpoints.
D.    Active server objects.

Answer: C

Two types of services with transactional behavior that can be implemented in Oracle SOA suite 11g database adapters and __________ .

A.    File adapters.
B.    Service data objects.
C.    SOAP Endpoints.
D.    Active server objects

Answer: C

Your Oracle SOA composite is running in production but due to new government mandate you have to update the security policy based on Oracle web service manager. What are your options to update the security policy?

A.    Attach updated policy via the command line interface.
B.    Attach updated policy in jdeveloper and redeploy component.
C.    Attach policy in enterprise model console test it and reattach without redeployment.
D.    Attach policy via web logic admin console after deployment.

Answer: ABC

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