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By | May 4, 2014

Which two changes and their effect on the system can be tested by using the Database Replay feature? (Choose two.)

A.    multiplexing of the control file
B.    database and operating system upgrades
C.    adding the redo log member to the database
D.    changing the database storage to ASM-managed storage

Answer: BD

You executed the following commands:
Which statement is correct regarding the above statistics collection on the SH.CUSTOMERS table in the above session?

A.    The statistics are stored in the pending statistics table in the data dictionary.
B.    The statistics are treated as the current statistics by the optimizer for all sessions.
C.    The statistics are treated as the current statistics by the optimizer for the current sessions only.
D.    The statistics are temporary and used by the optimizer for all sessions until this session terminates.

Answer: A

The Database Resource Manager is automatically enabled in the maintenance window that runs the Automated Maintenance Task. What is the reason for this?

A.    to prevent the creation of an excessive number of scheduler job classes
B.    to allow the Automated Maintenance Tasks to use system resources without any restriction
C.    to allow resource sharing only among the Automated Maintenance Tasks in the maintenance window
D.    to prevent the Automated Maintenance Tasks from consuming excessive amounts of system resources

Answer: D

Which is the source used by Automatic SQL Tuning that runs as part of the AUTOTASK framework?

A.    SQL statements that are part of the AWR baseline only
B.    SQL statements based on the AWR top SQL identification
C.    SQL statements that are part of the available SQL Tuning Set (STS) only
D.    SQL statements that are available in the cursor cache and executed by a user other than SYS

Answer: B

View the Exhibit and examine the output.
You executed the following command to enable Flashback Data Archive on the EXCHANGE_RATE table:
What is the outcome of this command?


A.    The table uses the default Flashback Archive.
B.    The Flashback Archive is created on the SYSAUX tablespace.
C.    The Flashback Archive is created on the same tablespace where the tables are stored.
D.    The command generates an error because no Flashback Archive name is specified and there is
no default Flashback Archive.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding Oracle Data Pump? (Choose two.)

A.    DBMS_DATAPUMP PL/SQL packages can be used independently of the DATA Pump clients
B.    EXPDP and IMPDP are the client components of Oracle Data Pump
C.    EXPDP and IMPDP use the procedures provided by DBMS_METADATA to execute export and
import commands
D.    Oracle Data Pump imports can be done from the export files generated in the Original Export
Release 9.x
E.    Oracle Data Pump export and import operations can be performed only by users with the SYSDBA

Answer: AB

Which two statements are true about the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor(ADDM)? (Choose two.)

A.    The ADDM calls other advisors if required, but does not provide recommendations about the advisors
B.    The results of the ADDM analysis are stored in the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
C.    The ADDM runs after each AWR snapshot is collected automatically by MMON
D.    The ADDM requires at least four AWR snapshots for analysis
E.    The ADDM analysis provides only diagnostics information but does not provide recommendations

Answer: BC

In your database instance, the STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter is set to BASIC.
What is the impact of this setting?

A.    Snapshots cannot be collected manually by using the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY
B.    The Oracle server dynamically generates the necessary statistics on tables as part of query
C.    Optimizer statistics are collected automatically
D.    Only timed operating system (OS) statistics and plan execution statistics are collected
E.    The snapshots for the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) are not generated automatically

Answer: E

Why does performance degrade when many UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statements are issued on a table that has an associated bitmap index?

A.    The smallest amount of a bitmap that can be locked is a bitmap segment
B.    Additional time is taken to remove NULL values from the bitmap index after a DML operation
C.    The DML operations re-create the bitmap index blocks
D.    The bitmap index is rebuilt automatically after a DML operation

Answer: A

Which two are the uses of the ASM metadata backup and restore (AMBR) feature? (Choose two.)

A.    It can be used to back up all data on ASM disks.
B.    It can be used to re-create the ASM disk group with its attributes.
C.    It can be used to recover the damaged ASM disk group along with the data.
D.    It can be used to gather information about a preexisting ASM disk group with disk paths, disk name,
failure groups, attributes, templates, and alias directory structure.

Answer: BD

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