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By | July 28, 2014

Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-270
Exam Name: HDS Implementation Specialist – Business Continuity Exam

You are planning to install HiCommand Protection Manager (HPtM) software to protect Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange servers. Which option contains the necessary components?

A.    SQL and Exchange Modules and Copy Controller agent
B.    Console, Copy Controller, VSS agent for MS Exchange and SQL
C.    SQL and Exchange Modules, ShadowImage and Copy-on-Write SnapShot
D.    Console, Copy Controller, MS Exchange server and SQL server options, Raid Manager Shadow Copy provider

Answer: D

On the Storage Navigator frame for a TrueCopy pair operation, the “Status” column indicates
PDUB. What is the status of the pairs indicating PDUB?

A.    This is a TrueCopy LUSE status of a pair suspended error.
B.    This status indicates that the TrueCopy pair is in the initial copy.
C.    One or more LDEV pairs are SMPL on a TrueCopy LUSE volume.
D.    The status of the TrueCopy software LUSE volume is in the initial copy.

Answer: C

An Hitachi Data Systems customer is implementing a TrueCopy solution on a Universal Storage Platform (USP). Where would you obtain the latest information regarding supported features and hardware?

A.    Country Product Manager
B.    USP User and Reference Guide
C.    USP TrueCopy User and Reference Guide
D.    Microcode ECN (Engineering Change Notice)

Answer: A

A customer is planning to use Universal Replicator for Disaster Recovery for several mission critical applications between two sites connected by an OC-3. Which two are required before replication can take place? (Choose two.)

A.    Channel extenders must be in place and functional.
B.    Journal disk space must be installed on both arrays.
C.    Sufficient buffer credits must be available on the switches at both sites.
D.    Two CCI servers must be configured with network connectivity between them.

Answer: AB

A customer is concerned about a large number of changes being made daily to production systems over a period of three weeks. The customer decides to make Copy-on-Write SnapShot copies of the database at the start of every day to easily restore the most recent version should it be necessary. Each copy must be kept for one week. The average change to the database is 10 percent daily. The database is 10TB in size. Which two considerations are relevant? (Choose two.)

A.    The pool should be defined as being 7TB in size.
B.    The pool should be defined as being 10TB in size.
C.    The pool should be on separate parity groups than the production volumes.
D.    The pool should be defined on the same type of RAID groups as the production database.

Answer: BC

Your customer must decide which Three Data Center (3DC) Business Continuity Solution configuration meets expectations. Which 3DC configuration is accurate?

A.    3DC Multi-target with a Journal Group on all three USPs.
B.    3DC Multi-target with a Journal Group on each of two USPs.
C.    3DC Pass-Through Cascade with a Journal Group on two USPs.
D.    3DC Pass-Through Cascade with a Journal Group on three USPs.

Answer: A

A customer is using Universal Replicator to replicate an application’s database. The customer wants to perform a Disaster Recovery test. The Universal Replicator pairs are suspended and the database and application are successfully started on the recovery server. The end-users at the production site are not able to access the application at the recovery site. However, they can ping the recovery server. What are two reasons for the issue described? (Choose two.)

A.    The correct users have not been created on the recovery server.
B.    The correct SAN zoning has not been configured at the recovery site.
C.    The needed network ports have not been opened to the recovery site.
D.    The recovery server IP address does not match the IP address of the production server.

Answer: AC

A customer wishes to create copies of a database using ShadowImage on an Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) system. Which three products would be used to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

A.    Storage Navigator Modular
B.    Command Control Interface (CCI)
C.    HiCommand Device Manager (HDvM)
D.    HiCommand Replication Monitor (HRpM)
E.    HiCommand Storage Services Manager (HSSM)

Answer: ABC

A customer is buying an Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) for Microsoft Environments for the purpose of having a long distance cluster. Which two factors should be considered for the configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    IP addresses must be static and bi-directional.
B.    IP addresses must be mobile and bi-directional.
C.    Network latency must not be longer than 100 milliseconds.
D.    Network latency must not be longer than 500 milliseconds.

Answer: BD

A customer wants to replicate a database on a UNIX host with Universal Replicator but exclude the temporary and backup file systems to reduce the replication workload. What should be reviewed to ensure this is possible?

A.    SAN zone layout map
B.    file system usage report
C.    database relationship map
D.    volume/disk group volume layout

Answer: D

What are three key points the customer must respect when establishing a Three Data Center (3DC) Business Continuity Solution with Universal Storage Platform (USP) systems? (Choose three.)

A.    The customer must have the three USPs connected to separate hosts.
B.    The customer must define Journal Groups in terms of performance and size.
C.    The customer must decide which Consistency Groups to set up including their size.
D.    The customer must upgrade shared memory on the USPs to support Journal Groups
E.    The customer must quantify the write I/O workload to be replicated by the primary USP.

Answer: BCE

The Command Control Interface (CCI) for the Universal Replicator pair operation displays a PFUS split type. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The PFUL status is displayed as PAIR status by Storage Navigator.
B.    The PFUS status is displayed as PSUS status by Storage Navigator.
C.    The pair status will change from PFUS to PSUE when the primary Journal Group is full.
D.    The pair status changes from PFUL to PFUS when the primary Journal Group is 80 percent full.
E.    The pair status will change from PFUL to PFUS when the “data overflow watch” time period is exceeded.
Answer: ABE

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