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By | April 21, 2014

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: P2170-036
Exam Name: IBM i2 iBase Support Mastery Test v1

There are four types of group that can be used in the iBase designer security manager, to control the access that users have to data in an iBase database and to the iBase features. Which one of the 4 types of group denies access to specific commands? For example, a user may be able to add records but may be denied access to the Import command.

A.    Database Management group
B.    System Commands Access Control group
C.    Data Access Control group
D.    Folder Object Control group

Answer: B

Which is not correct when using the Index Service Configuration tool?

A.    you will require An SQL Server installation on the machine on which you want to create the iBase index database.
B.    the index tool can connect to any SQL instance that is not on the local machine.
C.    Running the Index Service Configuration tool for the first time will create a separate iBase index database
D.    The search 360 database index default name is IBaseIndexDB

Answer: B

Which of the following is not True for search 360?

A.    Search 360 requires SQL Server CLR (common language runtime) integration to be enabled.
B.    Search 360 will automatically index all documents with the suffix RTF, ANB, LNB, TCV, XML, CSV
C.    Access iBase databases can use Search 360
D.    SQL server iBase databases can use Search 360

Answer: C

You can create a new empty database from a template. Which for the following cannot be contained in the template?

A.    entity types & link types,fields and standard fields
B.    folder objects such as report definitions and queries,
C.    support files, such as Text Chart or Analyst’s Notebook templates
D.    pick lists, icon lists and SCC lists,datasheets, charting and labeling schemes

Answer: C

iBase importing Wizard. Step 1 of 5. – You can import data from a variety of sources. Which one of the following data sources are greyed out, unless bulk import is selected, (meaning this datasource option can ONLY be run via bulk import)?

A.    Text File
B.    OLE_DB Compliant Data Source
C.    XML (XML Rowset Schema) File
D.    XML (iBase 8 Schema) file
E.    Microsoft Excel Worksheet
F.    Folder Contents

Answer: D

At version 8.9, IBM i2 iBase _______________.

A.    supports dongle authorisation
B.    supports software license management (SLM) authorisation
C.    supports A and B above
D.    no longer supports or requires authorization mechanisms

Answer: D

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