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By | December 16, 2013

Selling Hp Converged Management and Security Solutions: HP2-N37 Exam
HP2-N37 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: HP2-N37
Exam Name: Selling Hp Converged Management and Security Solutions
Q & A: 55 Q&As

What are the best discovery questions to ask in order to uncover an on-ramp cloud-enabled data
center opportunity? (Select two.)
A. Do you suffer from high server-administrator ratios?
B. Are you able to auto-generate smart documentation to improve defect communication?
C. Are you able to pre-empt events before they cause an outage?
D. Are you able to track infrastructure changes? When and where?
E. Are you able to manage compliance from infrastructure to applications?
Answer: DE

Which key challenges in a complex cloud environment does Business Service Automation meet?
(Select two.)
A. Accelerated provisioning of dev/test environments
B. Cloud vendor supplier management
C. Pre-empting events before they cause an outage
D. Performance test management
E. Lifecycle management within virtual environments
Answer: AE

Which question is best used to qualify a Database and Middleware opportunity with regards to a
customer evolving from Infrastructure as a Service to Platform as a Service?
A. Once the virtual server has been provisioned for application development, how long does it take
to provision the database and application server stack?
B. How often does one team work on an application server issue and then realize another team
worked on the same issue?
C. How do you handle platform mirroring and defect annotation within the database and application
server stack?
D. How do you handle quality assurance test management in multi-tiered platforms?
Answer: A

Which value proposition describes the primary capability supported by HP’s Server Automation
A. Server Automation provides automated business-service-driven reporting capabilities, enabling you
to quickly consolidate operational and performance data from multiple technology domains.
B. Server Automation offers lifecycle server management, reducing cost and risk by automating tasks
such as provisioning, patching, configuration management, and compliance management.
C. Server Automation provisions all components of the converged infrastructure within HP’s
CloudSystem environments.
D. Server Automation offers centralized server event processing and correlation leading to significant
reduction in the duplication of root-cause analysis effort
Answer: B
Explanation: (click the second tab `cloud system enterprise starter suite’
and see hp server automation enterprise plus )

Which key areas are affected by the complexity of servicing and supporting a constantly changing
and evolving cloud environment in today’s requirements for Business Service Management?
(Select two.)
A. IT architectures
B. Applications
C. Managing your physical assets
D. Visio diagrams
E. Test plan management
Answer: BE

HP’s Operations Orchestration provides which key differentiator for provisioning cloud services?
A. A runbook automation authoring environment
B. Rich out-of-the-box content with over 4000 workflows
C. Reduced risk and errors during change execution
D. An interface facilitating the creation of workflows
Answer: C
Explanation: (see key benefits)

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