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By | August 1, 2014

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-S34
Exam Name: Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions Exam

HP Proliant DL380 Gen8 servers provide a Flexible LOM option. Which technologies are supported?

A.    10 Gb Flex-Fabric
B.    1 Gb Ethernet
C.    10 Gb Flex 10
D.    Dual Channel Gen3 SAS
E.    Infiniband
F.    10 Gb Ethernet
G.    16 Gb Fibre Channel

Answer: ABEF

Referring to the exhibit shown, which data protection and recovery technology protects a customer…


A.    Level 1
B.    Level 2
C.    Level 3
D.    Level 4

Answer: D

Which Gen8 server model provides support for one power supply only?

A.    DL380
B.    DL360
C.    ML350
D.    DL160

Answer: D

A customer wants to build an HPC cluster and needs the highest performance and bandwidth.
What should he used?

A.    Flex 10
B.    10 GB Ethernet
C.    Flex Fabric
D.    FDR InfiniBand

Answer: D

The HP SL230 server is designed for which market segments? (Select two)

A.    NPIV-based virtualisation
B.    Scale-out
C.    Scale-up
D.    High performance computing
E.    Entry level computing

Answer: BD

Which functionalities are provides when Insight Remote Support Advanced is used as a standalone version? (Choose Two)

A.    Viewing service credit balances
B.    Sharing device displays with HP Authorized Parners
C.    24 x 7 remote monitoring of hardware service events
D.    Automated device discovery in HP Support Center
E.    Monitoring and managing HP contrats and warranties

Answer: CE

While installing new load reduced DIMM (LR-DIMM) memory modules into a server, an administrator… What should you recommend?

A.    Populate LR-DIMM and RDIMM memory modules in different memory channels
B.    Populate LR-DIMM and RDIMM memory modules in different memory controllers
C.    LR-DIMM and RDIMM memory modules cannot be mixed in the same server. replace either memory…
D.    Populate LR-DIMM before RDIMM memory modules within the same channel

Answer: C

Which statement is correct about iLO technology used in Gen8?

A.    A new video adaptater is used
B.    CPU speed and type has changed
C.    Gigabit network is used
D.    The USB version has changed

Answer: C

Which operating system installation methods are available in intelligent Provisionning? (Choose 3)

A.    Assited
B.    Manual
C.    Customized
D.    Recommanded
E.    Interactive

Answer: BCD
A customer needs to connect de DL380 Gen8 with a D2600 disk enclosure. Which controller should be used?

A.    P212
B.    P711m
C.    P410/410i
D.    P800

Answer: A

Which Source media types are supported in Intelligent Provisionning? (Choose four)

A.    FTP
B.    Network share
C.    USB
D.    USB 3.0
E.    Disc

Answer: ABCE

A customer wants to build a high performance environment with 3 GPU
What should you recommend?

A.    SL230 Gen8
B.    DL380 Gen8
C.    ML350 Gen8
D.    SL250 Gen8

Answer: D

A customer recently noticed that a cluster on 1 GbE is very slow when large amount of data are transmitted. What should you recommand?

A.    More NICs and the use of teaming technology
B.    Changing copper to FO
C.    10 Gb Ethernet
D.    InfiniBand QDR

Answer: C

What is the minimum number of drives required when bulding a RAID 60?

A.    4
B.    6
C.    8
D.    12

Answer: C

An admin installed new DDR3 memory in a server and discovered that the server contained quad- rank, 2 rank and 1 rank. What should you recommend?

A.    Replace all memory modules so that they are the same load
B.    Populate the memory modules from the heaviest to the lightest load within a channel
C.    Populate similar load memory module within the same memory controller
D.    Populate similar load memory module within the same memory channel

Answer: D

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