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By | July 18, 2014

Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-622
Exam Name: Xsan 2 Administration Exam

An Xsan client is writing a 2 GB file to a SAN. Which characteristic determines how much of the file the client will write to one LUN in a storage pool before it starts writing the file to the next LUN in the storage pool?

A.    Stripe breadth
B.    Number of LUNs
C.    Block allocation size
D.    RAID level configuration

Answer: A

You are configuring an Xsan volume, and have 16 available LUNs. Configuring these LUNs into several storage pools rather than just one can help ________.

A.    increase the bandwidth of the private LAN
B.    decrease the number of RAID arrays needed
C.    improve the performance of LUN mapping and masking
D.    increase the total throughput of your SAN across all clients

Answer: D

You have an Xsan volume comprised of Promise RAID LUNs. What is the earliest version of Xsan that Apple has qualified for use in this configuration?

A.    Xsan 1.4.1
B.    Xsan 1.4.2
C.    Xsan 2.0
D.    Xsan 2.1

Answer: C

You want one Xsan metadata controller to host three Xsan 2 volumes. What is the minimum amount of RAM that Apple recommends you install in the controller?

A.    3 GB
B.    4 GB
C.    6 GB
D.    8 GB

Answer: D

On your Xsan 2 SAN you want to use one block allocation size for one application, and a different block allocation size for another application. To do so, you must set up a separate ________ for each of the two applications.

A.    LUN
B.    volume
C.    storage pool
D.    metadata controller

Answer: B

You are creating an Xsan volume that has both Xserve RAIDs and Promise RAIDs. You should ensure that all of its storage pools ________.

A.    have different RAID levels
B.    contain metadata and journaling data
C.    appear as separate folders on the Xsan volume
D.    use the same type and configuration of RAID storage devices

Answer: D

What is the largest supported size for an Xsan volume created using Xsan 2.0?

A.    64 TB
B.    128 TB
C.    2 PB

Answer: C

You are tuning an Xsan volume that is composed of a single storage pool with four data LUNs. If Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server have an optimal transfer size of 1 MB (1,048,576 bytes), and the Xsan volume has a block allocation size of 16 KB (16,384 bytes), what is the optimum stripe breadth for the volume’s storage pools? (A calculator is provided below to help you answer this question.)

A.    16 blocks
B.    32 blocks
C.    64 blocks
D.    168 blocks
E.    256 blocks

Answer: A

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