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By | July 17, 2014

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-092
Exam Name: Adobe Flash CS4 ACE Exam

You are debugging a Flash movie. Which view will display information about the dimensions, files size, and current frame of the main timeline?

A.    File properties
B.    Properties panel
C.    Bandwith Profiler
D.    Document properties

Answer: C

You want to re-skin a Button component. The new skin needs to be lightweight and should scale. Which type of image assets best fits these criteria?

A.    Bitmap.
B.    Vector.dd
C.    Video.
D.    ASCII.

Answer: D

Which Flash player version should be used to incorporate AIR, drop shadows, and accessibility features?

A.    Flash Player 10.
B.    Flash Player 9.
C.    Flash Player 8.
D.    Flash Player 7.

Answer: A

What will be displayed in the output panel when the following code finishes executing?
//myClip is a MovieClip on the stage myClip.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
function clickHandler(evt:MouseEvent):void\{
trace(; }

A.    myClip
B.    [object MovieClip]
C.    undefined
D.    The code will NOT compile because of an error

Answer: C

Which statement in this ActionScript 3.0 code has a syntax error?
var path:String; path = “D”ata.txt”;
function loadFile(filePath:String):Void{
} loadFile(path);

A.    function loadFile(filePath:String):Void{
B.    trace(filePath);
C.    var path:String;
D.    path = “D”ata.txt”;

Answer: A

You want to deploy a Flash movie for a Web site. Which file format or formats should you select from the Publish Settings dialog box?

A.    SWF only
B.    HTML only
C.    Both SWF and HTML
D.    SWF, HTML, and JPG

Answer: C

You want to deploy a Flash movie for a CD-ROM. Your movie must also be cross platform compatible. Which file format should you select from the Publish Settings dialog box?

A.    Macintosh Projector and SWF
B.    Windows Projector (EXE) and SWF
C.    Macintosh Projector, Windows Projector (EXE) and SWF
D.    Macintosh Projector and Windows Projector (EXE)

Answer: D

You want to import a resolution-independent image asset directly into Flash CS4. Which image asset type should you use?

A.    AI
B.    JPG
C.    SVG
D.    PSD

Answer: A

You want to use the same static graphic multiple times in an animation. Which image asset type should you use to optimize the animation?

A.    Vector
B.    Bitmap
C.    SVG
D.    Tween

Answer: B

Which image asset should be imported to keep good image quality when enlarging or reducing the asset within Flash?

A.    Bitmap.
B.    Vector.
C.    PNG.
D.    SVG.

Answer: B

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